Web Hosting Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) applies to any customer who has ordered any Livetodot hosting product or service. The “Terms and Conditions” and service specific “Service Level Agreement”, together with the AUP, form an agreement (“The Agreement”) with the customer which is legally binding.

We use the AUP to ensure that everyone uses their hosting services in a safe environment, and do not publish any material that could cause harm or upset to other customers and users. Your service may be suspended or terminated if you breach the rules in this policy.

If you have any questions about this agreement (“The Agreement”) please contact support@livetodot.com.

1 Illegal content

1.1 Customers storing, distributing or using Livetodot network services to access illegal content will face account suspension or termination and may be reported to the appropriate authorities. Illegal content includes:

  • Content that encourages or offers advice for illegal activity such as drug use, weapon trafficking, tax evasion, money lanudering, illegal gambling etc.
  • Child pornography, depictions of acts of bestiality or non consensual sex.
  • Deceptive content, such as pyramid schemes or chain letter marketing.
  • Published personal or private information without a subject’s express consent.
  • Trade secrets.
  • Any other illegal or offensive content that is subject to laws governing the customer and Livetodot.

2 Offensive Content

2.1 You may not use Livetodot hosting services to publish, procure or promote any material that may be considered excessivly offensive, for example:

  • Excessively violent or threatening material.
  • Material that incites violence, harassment or hateful speech.
  • Anything offensive towards a religious or ethnic group.

Where dispute over the nature of content occurs, Livetodot’s decision is final.

3 Copyright

3.1 The Livetodot services cannot be used to distribute, store or access any material; text, music, software, video or images that breach copyright law.

3.2 Livetodot customers may not host any site that:

  • Offers advice for breaking copyright laws and rules.
  • Distributes software or applications that aid copyright infringement (WareZ sites).
  • Distributes software for monetary gain that breaches the software’s licensing.
  • Material may only be distributed with the express written consent of the copyright owner.

4 Abuse

4.1 Any activity by a Livetodot customer that attempts to access data or resources that are private without express authorisation is a breach of the Acceptable Usage Policy.

4.2 Interfering with the Livetodot network or a direct attack will result in the immediate termination of the service account in question. Examples of interference:

  • Unauthorised network monitoring.
  • Port scanning or vulnerability testing.
  • Deliberate DoS overload attacks.
  • Any other unauthorised activity that adversely affects the Livetodot network and services.

4.3 Using a Livetodot customer’s account without their permission, and any activity that leads to unauthorised account use is strictly prohibited; phishing, key logging, password robbery in any form.

4.4 Distributing software that aids the harvesting of personal information or the unauthorised access of a secure account breaks this Acceptable Usage Policy and will result in immediate service termination.

4.5 Any other abuse that will result in reputational damage or retaliation against Livetodot Hosting as a company, the parent company Fubra Ltd, or any employee or member of staff at both companies will result in investigation and the immediate suspension or termination of services, and is strictly prohibited.

4.6 The decision of Livetodot in any instance of alleged or suspected abuse of the services provided is final, and no negotiation will be entered into.

5 Security

5.1 The customer confirms that Livetodot can take action to isolate or destroy any file found on the Livetodot network that in the reasonable view of Livetodot can damage or interfere with the Livetodot service. Any file such as a virus or worm that could also infect other customers storage and security will be destroyed or isolated by Livetodot.

5.2 Suitable steps must be taken by the customer to protect username and passwords associated with hosting services.

6 SLA credit

6.1 Any activity by a customer that results in their service being suspended due to breach of this or applicable service specific AUP will not be eligible for service credit as defined in the general or service specific SLA (“Service Level Agreement”).