Email Forwarding

Our email forwarding system is simple to set up. In fact, you should be pleasantly surprised at just how many options you have, and how easy they are to administer. Within our domain registration service you can add on a facility called ’email forwarding’ for free. This enables you to use your domain name with any existing email account you may have, and set-up an unlimited amount of aliases on your domain, for email to automatically be forwarded to. Any email sent to will be re-directed to an email address that you specify.

Email Alias Forwards

You can specify as many email forwards as you like. This is an example of what your first email forward might look like:

Forwards to…

All other E-mail Forwards

You can also set a default, or ‘catch all’ address, so any names not specified in the individual forwards settings would be forwarded to a specified email address

For example:


Forwards to…

Your current email service with your ISP is unaffected by the forwarding, so you can also continue to use your real email address in addition to your address.

Setting up email forwarding

Once you have a domain registered at Livetodot, you will be given the option to set-up email forwarding for each domain you currently own. Select the My Domains menu option, click the email forwarding button on the domain you wish to alter. If email forwarding is not currently set up, You will be asked if you wish to enable it. After doing this, you will be able to set up forwarding addresses by filling in the relevant boxes on the page.

Setting up your E-mail Program

Whilst it is not necessary to make any changes to the settings in your email program to receive forwarded emails, if you want to send emails so that they appear to have come from, you will need to change your settings.

With most email software, it is possible to specify any return email address you like. Of course, if you give a false address, you will not be able to receive email back. Once you have set up email forwarding with Livetodot, you will be able to receive mail from your domain, and will probably want to make it look as if it has been sent from it too, so follow the instructions below.

What The Set-up Involves

Listed below are instructions to do this if your email program is Microsoft Outlook Express version 4 or 5, or Outlook 97 or 2000. Other email programs may have similar settings. You should check your software documentation for instructions.

  • Firstly open Outlook Express and then…
  • Go to the ‘Tools’ menu
  • Choose ‘Accounts’
  • Choose ‘Mail’ tab
  • Highlight your existing email account and select ‘Properties’.
  • In the ‘General’ tab, change the user information as follows:
    When you send an email to someone, what you put here shows in their email program as the name of the person who has sent them that email.Organisation:
    This is an optional field. Use for your company or organisation’s name.Email Address:
    This is the important one. This shows the recipient of your emails the email address of the sender (i.e. your email address). Change this setting to Then when the recipient of your email replies to that email by pressing ‘Reply To’ in their email program, they don’t necessarily know the true destination of that email. They won’t know that the address is being forwarded automatically by us to your real email address

    Reply to Address:
    As per email address.

  • Once you have adjusted these settings Click the ‘OK’ button.

Its a good idea to send an email to yourself, this will show you what the recipients of your emails see in the ‘From’ line of your emails.

POP3 email boxes / account

Livetodot are committed to providing basic registration and forwarding services to maintain a high level of service to all our customers. If you require this service it would be necessary to upgrade to a hosting service and change the nameserver details for your domain so it resolves to your new host. You can visit for more information on dedicated or virtual hosting options.